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3D-Vip 3D-Displayer

$299.00 Released April, 2011

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Turns any TV into a 3D capable display. 3D works extremely well. Standard emitter slot lets you use any existing emitter.

The Cons:Limited 3D format support. Usability is low with obscure dip-switches.

The 3D-Displayer is a product from 3D-VIP that allows your regular television or projector to display 3D content from a Playstation 3 or Blu-Ray player. The Displayer is the mid-level offering from 3D-VIP that provides more functionality than the entry level 3D-Gamer, but misses some functionality in the top of the line 3D-Theater.

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While the 3D-Gamer is limited to outputting a 120Hz signal which only a small number of televisions and projectors can handle, the Displayer can convert the 3D signal from your Playstation 3 into a 60Hz signal that any TV can process. The functionality that it's missing compared to the higher level 3D-Theater is the ability to process a wider variety of 3D formats. The Displayer is limited to "framepacked" 3D content which is used by the Playstation 3 and Blu-Ray movies, but doesn't support other 3D modes such as "Side-by-Side (SbS)" or "Top and Bottom (TnB)". This is important to know because 3D content delivered by cable TV and 3D videos on the Internet are usually in SbS or TnB format.


  • HDMI 1.4a input
  • HDMI 1.3 output
  • USB input for power and firmware updates
  • 2D Video Modes
    • 480i/p
    • 720p
    • 1080i/p
  • 3D Modes Input
    • Framepacked 720p60, 720p50, 1080p24
  • 3D Modes output
    • 720p120
    • 720p100
    • 720p60
    • 720p50

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    turns any TV into a 3D capable display

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    3D works extremely well

  • 1

    standard emitter slot lets you use any existing emitter

  • 1

    works with existing standards for 3D-ready DLP displays

  • 1

    limited 3D format support

  • 1

    usability is low with obscure dip-switches

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